Term of service

Terms of Service Revised on August 8, 2023


  1. To provide high-quality, stable services to customers and establish a basis for dispute resolution, these "Terms of Service" are formulated.
  2. When purchasing services or products, you must agree to these "Terms of Service." If you have already purchased services or products and completed payment, you are considered to have agreed to these "Terms of Service."
  3. Users have the rights specified in these "Terms of Service" and must fulfill the obligations outlined in these terms. Disputes between users and WePC in the use of product services will be handled according to these terms.
  4. WePC reserves the final right to interpret this User Service Agreement.
WePC. All rights reserved.

Usage Terms

  1. WePC's sold servers do not include data security guarantees, and even servers using the Raid10+BBU architecture do not include data security guarantees, and we cannot compensate you for the value of your data!
  2. The use of tools that harm the security of the three major Chinese telecom operators' networks is prohibited for WePC's server products.
  3. To ensure stable network packet transmission, tools such as FinalSpeed that send multiple packets are prohibited, and continuous occupation of a large amount of bandwidth is prohibited.
  4. It is prohibited to store, provide, or publish content that violates the laws of the server's location and the laws of Australia and China in the product services provided by WePC.
  5. Reselling WePC's services or products without authorization for personal or business use is prohibited.
  6. Running software that consumes a significant amount of CPU, bandwidth, and disk resources, such as traffic mining,CDN, Public Network proxy,various virtual currencies, video hanging, cluster computing, PT service, traffic exchange, scraping, and the like, is prohibited.
  7. Using BT software, such as BT, Thunder, and uTorrent, is prohibited.
  8. It is prohibited to send packets externally or internally, perform Ddos attacks, ARP attacks, ARP hijacking, scan weak passwords, maliciously enumerate, spam message,junk mail and interfere with the operation of other servers using the server.
  9. When using WePC product services, you must comply with Australian and server location laws.
  10. WePC only guarantees the normal operation of the products and services sold and provided. There is no obligation to assist with any software issues.
  11. Use the support ticket system reasonably, respect customer service, and refrain from abusing customer service, sending meaningless support tickets, continuous harassment or entanglement of customer service with solutions already provided, ticket bombardment, etc. In the event of abusive behavior toward customer service, malicious damage to WePC's reputation, the company reserves all legal rights.
  12. Nesting of virtualization is prohibited for all server series except dedicated servers.
  13. Do not place promotional links on non-owned websites. Once discovered, we will refuse to pay promotional fees and close the promotional link account.
  14. HK_3CMI no refund service。
  15. Once the above behaviors are discovered, they will be immediately withdrawn and no refund will be made.(Added on June 20, 2022)

Cloud Server IPv4 Address Replacement

  1. Cloud server IPv4 addresses can be purchased as additional products and will be automatically replaced after purchase (currently not yet implemented, please submit a support ticket temporarily).
  2. Cloud server IPv4 addresses can be changed for a fee, and the charge is AUD $5.0 per change.
  3. If you require a specific IP address range, please contact our sales team for a solution.
  4. If the IPv4 address is still blocked after replacement, you can submit a support ticket to contact us for free manual replacement within 24 hours. If more than 24 hours have passed, the IP replacement is considered complete.
  5. If a large number of IP addresses are blocked during special periods, we reserve the right to temporarily increase prices.
  6. If the IPv4 address is blocked in certain countries during the device rental period and is due to the user's own usage, causing issues and being blocked in certain countries, WePC may charge an IPv4 address property loss fee (depending on the situation).

Fault Compensation

  1. Failures caused by data center routing equipment, power equipment are not compensated.
  2. Failures caused by natural disasters and factors beyond our control are not compensated.
  3. Failures caused by WePC are compensated according to a 1:2 compensation standard, and if less than 24 hours, it is calculated as 24 hours.
  4. Compensation is issued within 3-5 days after the fault is restored, and the product must be in valid operation to be eligible for compensation.

Cloud Server Transfer Instructions

  1. The initial activation security period for transfers is 3 days and cannot be manually initiated earlier.
  2. Transfer fees per occurrence: AUD $2.5 (Note: Minimum charge for each transfer is AUD $2.5).
  3. The available duration of transferable products must be greater than: Monthly - 15 days, Annual, Biennial, Triennial - 60 days.

Refund Guarantee and Dispute on Payment Rejection

The refund policy is as follows:

  • 1. For transactions within 3 days and under 10GB of data usage, with an individual amount of 50 RMB or less, a full refund can be made to the account balance, which is non-withdrawable.
  • 2. For transactions within 3 days and under 10GB of data usage, with an individual amount over 50 RMB, a full refund can be made to the account balance or refunded via the original payment method or to a customer-specified account after deducting a fee of 5 RMB plus 5% of the total amount.
  • 3. No refund products, unless due to irrepairable routing changes or machine failures that result in unavailability or decreased usability, can be fully refunded based on the remaining value of the product to the account balance (which is non-withdrawable) or refunded via the original payment method or to a customer-specified account. (Refund costs for other situations are as specified on the product page, unless in the following circumstances:)
  • The assigned IP is blocked by the GFW or by national or regional authorities.
  • Participation in promotional activities or use of discount codes.
  • Presale products are in the "Running" or "Active" state.
  • Three or more refund requests in one day are considered malicious consumption, and the company has the right to suspend the account.
  • For an account, more than five service cancellations through refunds are considered malicious consumption, and the company has the right to suspend the account.
  • Registering more than one account and requesting refunds more than three times will result in the suspension of the account.


  1. Services being inaccessible or data loss due to user non-payment, failure to renew, or forgetting to renew.
  2. Services being inaccessible or data loss due to the user's improper actions or other related behaviors.
  3. Services being inaccessible or data loss due to the user's website content or actions that violate the Terms of Service, Usage Terms.
  4. Services being inaccessible or data loss due to uncontrollable factors (social/natural).
  5. Services being inaccessible or data loss due to the user's self-ISO installation of the operating system or DD operation.

Reserved Rights

  1. WePC reserves the final right to interpret these terms.
  2. WePC reserves the right to modify these terms without further notice.

服务条款(中文版本) 于2023年10月24日修订


  1. 为向客户提供高质量、稳定的服务并建立争议解决的基础,制定了这些“服务条款”。
  2. 在购买服务或产品时,您必须同意这些“服务条款”。如果您已购买了服务或产品并完成了付款,即被视为同意了这些“服务条款”。
  3. 用户拥有在这些“服务条款”中规定的权利,必须履行这些条款中规定的义务。在使用产品服务时,用户与WePC之间的争议将根据这些条款处理。
  4. WePC保留解释这份用户服务协议的最终权利。
WePC. 保留所有权利。


  1. WePC出售的服务器不包括数据安全保证,即使使用Raid10+BBU架构的服务器也不包括数据安全保证,我们无法为您的数据价值提供赔偿!
  2. 禁止WePC的服务器产品用于任何危害运营商网络安全的工具。
  3. 为确保网络数据包的稳定传输,禁止使用发送多个数据包的工具,如FinalSpeed,以及持续占用大量带宽的行为。
  4. 禁止在WePC提供的产品服务中存储、提供或发布违反服务器所在地和澳大利亚法律的内容。
  5. 未经授权禁止为个人或商业用途转售WePC的服务或产品。
  6. 禁止运行消耗大量CPU、带宽和磁盘资源的软件,例如流量挖矿、CDN、公共代理、各种虚拟货币挖矿、视频挂机、PT服务、集群计算、流量交换、抓取等。
  7. 禁止使用BT软件,如BT、迅雷和uTorrent。
  8. 禁止在使用服务器时向内外部发送数据包,进行Ddos攻击ARP攻击、ARP劫持、扫描弱密码、恶意枚举、发送垃圾邮件以及干扰其他服务器运行的行为。
  9. 在使用WePC产品服务时,必须遵守澳大利亚和服务器所在地的法律。
  10. WePC仅保证所售和提供的产品和服务的正常运行。公司没有义务协助解决任何软件问题。
  11. 合理使用支持工单系统,尊重客户服务,不滥用客户服务,不发送无意义的支持工单、不持续骚扰或缠绕客户服务以提供的解决方案、不恶意破坏WePC的声誉等行为。对于对客户服务的滥用行为、恶意损害WePC的声誉,公司保留一切法律权利。
  12. 除了专用服务器以外,禁止对所有服务器系列进行虚拟化嵌套。
  13. 不要在非自有网站上放置推广链接。一旦发现,我们将拒绝支付推广费用并关闭推广链接帐户。
  14. 以上行为一经发现,我们有权提前结束服务,立即清退,不予退款。(于2022年6月20日新增)


  1. 云服务器IPv4地址可作为附加产品购买,购买后将自动更换(目前尚未实施,请暂时提交支持工单进行更换)。
  2. 云服务器IPv4地址可按费用更改,更改费用为3.5-5.0澳元/次。
  3. 如果您需要特定的IP地址范围,请与我们的销售团队联系以获得解决方案。
  4. 如果IPv4地址在更换后仍然被阻止,您可以在24小时内提交支持工单与我们联系以获得免费手动更换。如果超过24小时,IP更换将被视为完成。
  5. 如果在特定时期有大量IP地址被阻止,我们保留临时提高价格的权利。
  6. 如果在设备租赁期间IPv4地址在某些国家被阻止,并且是由用户自己的使用导致的,造成问题并在某些国家被封锁,WePC可能会收取IPv4地址财产损失费用(根据情况而定)。


  1. 由于数据中心路由设备、电源设备引起的故障不赔偿。
  2. 由自然灾害和我们无法控制的因素引起的故障不赔偿。
  3. 由WePC引起的故障按照1:2的赔偿标准赔偿,如果不足24小时,按24小时计算。
  4. 故障恢复后,赔偿将在3-5天内发放,产品必须处于有效运行状态才有资格获得赔偿。


  1. 转移的初始激活安全期限为3天,不能在此之前手动启动。
  2. 每次转移的转移费用:2.5澳元(注意:每次转移的最低费用为2.5澳元)
  3. 可转移产品的可用期限必须大于:月付 - 15天,年付、两年付、三年付 - 60天。



  • 3天10gb流量以内,单笔金额50 元人民币以下交易可以全额退款到账户余额,余额不可提现.
  • 2.3天10gb流量以内,单笔金额50 元人民币以上交易可以全额退款到账户余额或 每笔扣除5元+总金额5%手续费后原路退回或退回客户指定账户.
  • 3.无退款承诺产品除非无法修复的路由改变或机器故障导致的无法使用或者可用性降低可以按产品剩余价值全额退回到账户余额(余额不可提现)或者原路退回支付账户或客户指定账户。(如有其他情况退款费用按产品页面的说明而定),除非出现以下情况:

    1. 违反了这些“服务条款”中列明的内容。
    2. 这些“服务条款”已列出,但用户行为明显影响了其他用户的正常使用和WePC服务器的正常运行等。
    3. 使用超过10GB的流量(总流量,由后端流量统计决定)。
    4. 所分配的IP地址被GFW或国家或地区政府封锁。
    5. 参与促销活动或使用折扣代码。
    6. 预售产品处于“运行”或“活动”状态。
    7. 一天内的三次或更多退款请求被视为恶意消费,公司有权暂停帐户。
    8. 对于一个帐户,通过退款取消超过五次服务将被视为恶意消费,公司有权暂停帐户。
    9. 注册多个帐户并请求超过三次退款将导致帐户被暂停。
    10. HK_4837/HK_3CMI系列产品不提供任何退款服务。
  • 免责声明

    1. 由于用户未付款、未续费或忘记续费而导致的服务不可访问或数据丢失。
    2. 由于用户的不当操作或其他相关行为而导致的服务不可访问或数据丢失。
    3. 由于用户的网站内容或违反服务条款、使用条款的行为而导致的服务不可访问或数据丢失。
    4. 由于不可控因素(社会/自然)而导致的服务不可访问或数据丢失。
    5. 由于用户自行ISO安装操作系统或DD操作而导致的服务不可访问或数据丢失。


    1. WePC保留解释这些条款的最终权利。
    2. WePC保留修改这些条款而不需进一步通知的权利。