About us

Company Introduction

WePC is the IDC operating department under the Australian fully-owned company ZGX PTY LTD, registered with the Australian government and tax authorities. We have been in operation for 11 years, with business operations covering PC components, farm investments, nut exports, and more. We have recently entered the IDC industry to provide you with high-quality products in the field of cloud computing and its peripherals. Our vision is to build an honest and cost-effective virtual server brand, continuously keeping up with the times, striving for innovation, and aiming to become a reliable and stable virtual server brand. If you have any questions, you can contact us via the ticket system, email, or online customer service.

Our services include network hosting and virtual private servers, offering both standardized and customized configurations. We ensure high availability of the services by leveraging strategic partnerships with top-notch facilities and network providers.

Corporate Culture


Making the Internet more exciting


The most trusted technology service provider


Customer-centric, benevolent, and responsible

The Principles We Always Adhere To

Professional Expertise

We have industry expertise and a seasoned engineering development team to support your business monetization and product needs.

Attentive Service

We always adhere to the philosophy of high-quality service. Whenever you encounter difficulties, we will promptly provide precise and effective solutions.

Business Partners

We treat every customer as a business partner, hoping to accompany you on the road to growth and progress together in the future.